Emergencies and new patients are welcome

You wish you could have a more pleasant, healthier and brighter smile, and keep it for a while? Did you know that you could invest in your smile, just as you would for purchasing furniture or a car, simply by spreading your payment over several months? You would be amazed if you knew how close you were to making that dream smile become reality!

Here are what we can do for you:

  • Quick credit approval
  • Immediate access to a complete Optimal Treatment Plan
  • The only program designed exclusively for providing dental care financing
  • Our financial plan allows you to invest in your smile
  • 100% or partial financing
  • Clinic dentaire Arya
  • We will take care of the administrative process
  • Give you immediate access to treatments that you may otherwise have had to post-pone
  • After all, it is your health? and your appearance!

For more information, please contact us.